The Project "Legitech" is awarded a grant by the University of Florence

Parliaments and technological innovation after the pandemics

The project was funded by the University of Florence through the competitive announcement “Finanziamento di progetti competitivi per Ricercatori a Tempo Determinato (RTD) dell’Università di Firenze 2021-23” and is co-led with my Unifi colleague Renato Ibrido.

The pandemic crisis represented an unprecedented challenge for legislative assemblies, which were required to rethink their traditional methods of parliamentary work. In most cases, this translated into a process of modernization of their ICT capacity. Starting from an analysis of the reaction to the first waves of the health emergency of 2020-2021 - assumed as a paradigmatic case study to analyse the dynamics of technological reorganization of parliamentary procedures - this research project aims to investigate the implications, the potential and, where appropriate, the risks of the introduction of ICT solution in the context of parliamentary work.

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Enrico Borghetto
Enrico Borghetto
Associate Professor