Legitech Conference 2022 in Villa Ruspoli

The first Legitech Conference took place on 12th May 2022 in Villa Ruspoli (Firenze). The programme was extensive and featured an exceptional parterre of speakers. To download the programme, please click here.

The Project "Legitech" is awarded a grant by the University of Florence

The project was funded by the University of Florence through the competitive announcement “Finanziamento di progetti competitivi per Ricercatori a Tempo Determinato (RTD) dell’Università di Firenze 2021-23” and is co-led with my Unifi colleague Renato Ibrido.

Delegated decree authority in a parliamentary system: the exercise of legislative delegation in Italy (1987–2013)

The substantial increase in the delegation of legislative powers from the parliament to the executive has been singled out as one of the most prominent changes in the Italian political system of the last three decades. It has given traditionally weak …