Enrico Borghetto

Enrico Borghetto

Associate Professor

University of Florence


I currently hold the position of Associate Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences and the School of Political Science “Cesare Alfieri”, University of Florence.

I am one of the founders and principal investigators for the Italian Policy Agendas Project and the Portuguese Policy Agendas Project.
I am also coordinating the Jean Monnet Module REPLAN-EU “Implementing Resilience and Recovery Plans in Italy and beyond”.

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  • Legislative studies
  • Policy agendas
  • Comparative politics
  • Italy and Portugal
  • Data analysis
  • EU studies


  • PhD in Political Studies, 2007

    University of Milan

  • Degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences, 2003

    University of Bologna (Forlì)

Recent Posts

Exploring the Boundaries of European Union Citizenship: the TrustEU Project final Conference

On November 7, 2023, Villa Ruspoli in Florence played host to a conference, marking the culmination of extensive research conducted under the theme “A ‘Union of Citizens’: Convergences and Divergences in the Legal Status of Various Subjects Regulated by EU Law”.

Digital politics - Opportunità e sfide per la democrazia

I had the privilege of participating in a thought-provoking conference held at the Social Sciences Campus on October 26th and 27th, 2023. This event was organized by the School of Political Science in collaboration with the Circolo Rosselli Foundation and received generous support from the Ministry of Culture.

REPLAN seminar - Pari opportunità di ripresa? PNRR e uguaglianza di genere

On October 19, 2023, the third REPLAN seminar on “Equal Recovery Opportunities: PNRR and Gender Equality” took place at Libreria Campus, located at Via delle Pandette 14, Florence. The event was organised in collaboration with Europedirect Firenze, Ponte Europa, EUI and Unifi CDE and was part of the Caffé Europa seminar series.

Participation in the Annual conference of Italian political scientists in Genova

The Annual Conference of Italian Political Scientists, hosted by the University of Genova from the 14th to the 16th of September 2023, proved to be a stimulating gathering of academics and friends.

The IdPS special issue on the impact of the pandemic on governments and parliaments is out

Want to know more about the impact of #COVID19 pandemic on governments and parliaments in Italy and abroad? Have a look at this #IdPS Interdisciplinary Political Studies Special Issue edited by Andrea Pedrazzani & myself and sponsored by the #SISP Stading Group “Government Parliament Representation”


(2023). Do different parties respond to different problems? A comparative study of parliamentary questions across multiple countries. Journal of European Public Policy.


(2022). La capacità del governo in Italia. Un rafforzamento incompiuto. in Gianfranco Baldini and Andrea Pritoni (eds.) Il sistema politico italiano: cittadini, attori e istituzioni, Milano: Mondadori, pp.231:256.

(2022). Generational and Ideological Gaps in Democratic Support: Seeds of Deconsolidation in Post-Crisis Southern Europe?. Southern European Society and Politics.


(2021). Fighting COVID-19 on Democratic Terms. Parliamentary Functioning in Italy and Denmark during the Pandemic. Representation, 57(4), pp.401-418.




REPLAN-EU - Implementing Resilience and Recovery Plans in Italy and beyond


LEGITECH - Representative assemblies and technological innovation after the pandemics


TRUSTEU - Making visible the added value of the Union in everyday life of citizens


ConstiRep: Constituency Service and policy representation in European Parliaments

Comparative Agendas Project

CAP - I am currently Principal investigator in two national cap teams: Italian policy agendas Portuguese policy agendas


An introduction to the R programming language

Master in Digital Transformation, University of Florence, a.a. 2022-2023


Dipartimento di Scienze politiche e sociali ( DSPS)