Digital politics - Opportunità e sfide per la democrazia

I had the privilege of participating in a thought-provoking conference held at the Social Sciences Campus on October 26th and 27th, 2023. This event was organized by the School of Political Science in collaboration with the Circolo Rosselli Foundation and received generous support from the Ministry of Culture.

Virtual Parliament in Italy: if not now, when? The debate about a virtual Parliament during the pandemic emergency

The emergence and spread of the Covid-19 emergency in Italy, as in the rest of the world, required parliaments to balance two priorities: ensuring the continuity of parliamentary work and protecting the health of their members and staff. If, in some …

The IdPS special issue on the impact of the pandemic on governments and parliaments is out

Want to know more about the impact of #COVID19 pandemic on governments and parliaments in Italy and abroad? Have a look at this #IdPS Interdisciplinary Political Studies Special Issue edited by Andrea Pedrazzani & myself and sponsored by the #SISP Stading Group “Government Parliament Representation”

3rd Academic Workshop of Parliaments in the Pandemic

The Parliaments in the Pandemic (PiP) collaboration held their 3rd academic workshop on 14-15 November 2022 to discuss the first analyses of their international expert panel survey on how parliaments around the globe were affected by the Covid pandemic.

Legitech panel at ICON-S Italia

Legitech panel at Icon-s Italian Chapter: “Parlamenti e Innovazione tecnologica dopo la pandemia”, 16th September 2022, Università degli studi di Bologna

"Parliaments in the pandemic" Workshop n.2

On July 20th 2022, I participated in the second workshop of the research network “Parliaments in the pandemic” (PiP). PiP is an international collaboration gathering experts on parliaments organised under the aegis of the Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RCLS) of the International Political Science Association (IPSA).

Event "Parlamento e governo alla prova della pandemia"

This one-day workshop organised by the standing group of the Italian Political Science Association “Government, parliament and political representation” took place at Roma-Tre university. It saw the participation of scholars and practitioners interested in the analysis of the performance of the Italian parliament during the pandemic.

Legitech Conference 2022 in Villa Ruspoli

The first Legitech Conference took place on 12th May 2022 in Villa Ruspoli (Firenze). The programme was extensive and featured an exceptional parterre of speakers. To download the programme, please click here.

The Project "Legitech" is awarded a grant by the University of Florence

The project was funded by the University of Florence through the competitive announcement “Finanziamento di progetti competitivi per Ricercatori a Tempo Determinato (RTD) dell’Università di Firenze 2021-23” and is co-led with my Unifi colleague Renato Ibrido.


LEGITECH - Representative assemblies and technological innovation after the pandemics