Do different parties respond to different problems? A comparative study of parliamentary questions across multiple countries

The identification of problem information is an important driver of political attention in parliament. This is widely acknowledged in the literature on party competition but there has been surprisingly little empirical research on the extent and when …

CAP 2022 Annual Meeting

The CAP 2022 Annual Meeting was held at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at Reichman University, Israel, on July 10-12. I presented a co-authored paper (with Amnon Cavari, Emiliano Grossman, and Ilana Shpaizman) entitled: “The effect of government characteristics on the diversity of government legislation”.

Comparative Agendas Project

CAP - I am currently Principal investigator in two national cap teams: Italian policy agendas Portuguese policy agendas

CAP Wins the Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba Dataset Award

The Comparative Agendas Project has won the Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba Dataset Award from the American Political Science Association’s Comparative Politics section. The award recognizes a publicly available data set that has made an important contribution to the field of comparative politics.

Three chapters in the new "Comparative Policy Agendas" book

This Oxford University Press Book summarizes recent advances in the work on agenda-setting in a comparative perspective. The book first presents and explains the data-gathering effort undertaken within the Comparative Agendas Project over the past ten years.

Special Issue on Policy Agendas in Italy

Check out the latest Special Issue in the Italian Political Science Review (2018, 48, n.3) devoted to “Policy Agendas in Italy”. Guest editors: @EBorghetto M.Carammia @FedRusso. With articles on: the Programme-to-policy link, Constitutional Court, Public opinion priorities, Public spending, Decentralization reforms, Immigration.

Working paper with Derek Epp featured in the Economist

The Economist mentions the findings from the recent working paper “Economic Inequality and Legislative Agendas in Europe” co-authored with Derek Epp (University of Texas) in the article As inequality grows, so does the political influence of the rich.