Exploring the Boundaries of European Union Citizenship: the TrustEU Project final Conference

On November 7, 2023, Villa Ruspoli in Florence played host to a conference, marking the culmination of extensive research conducted under the theme “A ‘Union of Citizens’: Convergences and Divergences in the Legal Status of Various Subjects Regulated by EU Law”.

Hambach democracy dialogue 2023

The Hambach Democracy Dialogue 2023, held on June 15th and 16th 2023, addressed the pressing challenges faced by European democracies due to a series of overlapping crises: the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the rise of the illiberal right, the COVID-19 pandemic, and energy and cost-of-living issues.

Presentation on the "Future of Europe" at the Fondazione Circolo Rosselli

On Tuesday 31st January, I participated in a roundtable at the Fondazione Circolo Fratelli Rosselli, to present the Quaderno del Circolo Rosselli n. 4.2022 (“Il futuro dell’Europa” a cura di Andrea Mulas, Pacini ed.

Expert table at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Conference 2023

I was invited to contribute to the “Expert Table: Policy makers and Academics Making an Impact in a Real World”. It was part of the Conference within Conference (CWC #2) at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Conference 2023 organized by the RC08 Research Committee of Legislative Specialists and the RC13 Democratization in Comparative Perspective of the International Political Science Association.

High-level conference: 10 years of Parliament’s democracy support activities

The conference celebrated the 10th anniversary of the European Parliament’s activities to support democracy around the world. MEPs and high-level guests gathered in Brussels on 29-30 November to reflect on ten years of Parliament’s activities to support democracy and discuss key lessons for the future.

Democracy support seminar at the Moldovan parliament

I was honoured with the invitation to be part of the panel of academic experts who contributed to the Democracy support seminar held in the Moldavian parliament on 11th November 2022.

Generational and Ideological Gaps in Democratic Support: Seeds of Deconsolidation in Post-Crisis Southern Europe?

This article explores trends in overall levels of democratic support in Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Additionally, the article examines the extent to which the experience of the steep economic downturn in Southern Europe had specific effects …