Expert table at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Conference 2023

I was invited to contribute to the “Expert Table: Policy makers and Academics Making an Impact in a Real World”. It was part of the Conference within Conference (CWC #2) at the Southern Political Science Association Annual Conference 2023 organized by the RC08 Research Committee of Legislative Specialists and the RC13 Democratization in Comparative Perspective of the International Political Science Association.


“This roundtable offers practitioners the opportunity to discuss issues related to parliamentary support in developing democracies. Participants will address, among others, the design and inception of parliament support, the consideration of stakeholder needs and donor expectations, identifying an adequate response to reform opportunities, the alignment with standards and benchmarks for democratic legislatures, flexible management, and innovative activity implementation, peer-to-peer learning, the need for fostering ownership and stakeholder inclusion, and the importance of indicators for measuring results. Practitioners will provide insight into the intricate work of parliamentary support work in various jurisdictions around the globe and highlight where academic research and excellence can make practical contributions to the various stages in the program cycle. This roundtable is organized to reflect upon the current status of parliamentary support programs and opportunities for future collaboration and cooperation. The roundtable will encourage audience engagement and follow-up questions.””

Enrico Borghetto
Enrico Borghetto
Associate Professor