Do different parties respond to different problems? A comparative study of parliamentary questions across multiple countries

The identification of problem information is an important driver of political attention in parliament. This is widely acknowledged in the literature on party competition but there has been surprisingly little empirical research on the extent and when …

Ricercatori a scuola 2022-23

I am glad to participate in this interesting initiative “Ricercatori a scuola”, an outreach and orientation Project to raise awareness about the world of university research and related professions.

Second meeting of the Constirep project in Lille

The meeting saw the participation of myself, Marco Lisi (FCSH), João Cancela (FCSH) and Julien Navarro (UC Lille) and took place at Lille Catholic University.

Changing the transmission belt: the programme-to-policy link in Italy between the First and Second Republic

This article analyses the transmission of policy priorities from electoral campaigns to legislative outputs under different institutional configurations. Taking an agenda-setting approach, the article tests whether a mandate effect exists, if …

Policy agendas in Italy: introduction to the special issue

Policy agendas studies analyse the dynamics of attention to policy issues over time and across actors and institutions to obtain insights into the functioning of political systems. The articles in this special issue draw on this approach to …